Unwanted results when components follows a path

Hi there,

I created a component that I would like to follow a path continuously. I used JHS Powerbar extension. The tool works as expected but the component sometimes overlaps itself. I want to make it “solid” and continuous. Is there another tool made to do what I want to achieve ?

With Profile Builder you can create assemblies and have more control over the way the components and profiles are placed along a path.

Ok but I’m using sketchup.

Is this the sort of thing you want to do?



Profile builder is a sketchup extension.


Thank you very much both of you. I succeeded with fredo’s extension. Havn’t used profile builder but I guess it’d be easier to make it follow a path instead.

Profile builder lets you create different components and profiles and place them along a path at the same time, they’re called assemblies, personally I think it’s one of the best extensions for sketchup.