How block axis to only movie in X , Y or Z

I download an component, and only want he movie axis X , how i block to only is moviment ?

use arrow keys to constrain move along specific axis.

Also you can press down the Shift key while you’re moving the component along your desired axis to lock the movement.

But i want block for always , not an solution temporary.

it is an solution temporary i want block for always.


you can add ‘glue’ to a component so it always stick to a face plane…


You could make it a Dynamic Component and set attributes to limit the movement to only one axis.

DaveR… you beat me to it once again!

… but here is an example



not get fixed… it is file and movie record.
i use sketchup pro 2016
error fixed sketchup axis x y z.avi (2.2 MB)
porta chuva area tereza.skp (239.1 KB)

It is door protect rain.

looks like you need to edit the components properties to have it “glue to” any surface (or whichever you specify).
It may need its axes changed to conform to your model.


No gluing. Set up just like ChrisDizon’s example.

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Example CrhisDizons too give error… check video in avi attachederror fixed sketchup axis x y z.avi (2.2 MB)

I think would be more easy to block axis… need research 2-3 days to get it information… If have enginier developer see it… it is big fight…

Chris… it not work, check video avi in other reply… it show error.

It works for me. You just have to set the component axes correctly.

not work, show error in position

if possible, upload your skp so we can have a look


Do not enter the “cm”. Just enter =100 and press Enter

file are up… in other dialog.

it " cm " is automatic , not possible remove…
i try it a lot.



Looks like you uncovered a small bug. There is an easy work around. Simply change the unit view values to inches by selecting the unit button at the top of the dialog. While in inches, it will accept the forced value formula. After you are done, change it back to CM if you wish.


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