How best to represent "screen" material as in a Screened Porch


I use the native “lattice” material in Sketchup 18 pro, scale it down and it works pretty good within SU BUT when I send the model into Lumion, the scale varies like crazy! Screened porches work well here in Texas and would like to present them. Any ideas?

Thanks, M3.0


Unless you need to get up so close that you can actually see the mesh, I’d be inclined to use a translucent gray, aluminum, or black material depending on what kind of screening. Modeling the actual mesh seems like overkill…


Does a transparent texture image work with Lumion?
Screen.skp (123.3 KB)


Thank you so much for the Jpeg… looks great in SU and is a bit better in Lumion BUT as you can see, the screen Jpeg creates some weird patterns… I guess I will place a very transparent grey glass where the screen goes and minimize any reflection that may occur in Lumion. Maybe Lumion will create that texture.


Thank you Steve for responding… I was not modeling like each individual strand of a screen, I simply paint a face with the generic lattice material and scale it down. Looks pretty good in SU but does not work in Lumion. I am probably going to use a translucent grey as you suggested.

Thank you so much.



From what I can see, the patterns look like moire from the grid of the screen material interacting with the pixel resolution of the rendering. A plain gray would avoid that.