House Model needed

i will jump to it, I cannot make a decent looking house in Sketchup due to my lack of originality and creativity, and the house models in the 3d warehouse dont have a house with 4 bedroms and a 5mx5m office, can anyone help in any way

In order to better arrive at what you are seeking, you should post a descriptive program of your need, including the locale within which you expect to see the house model placed, a general size and style you wish to see. More importantly, because of the level of effort/professionalism required to model a custom house, you should expect to provide a commensurate level of compensation to the author for such an effort. Additionally, requests such as this would be appropriate to post under the “Commercial and Collaborative Work” category.

Alternatively, I strongly encourage you to view (and study) the numerous tutorial videos found on the SketchUp site, several of which are featured in a playlist that can be found at the following link: SU Introductory Video Playlist. Click on the boldfaced letters.

Good luck.

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