House levels - moving a part of the house up

Hey, can you tell me what this means? I’d like to move a part of the house up as it’s on a slightly different level to the rest of the house - needs a step to get up to it.


I’m not absolutely sure I understand the question, but I think you want to lift the bed so it sits on the floor?

With the move tool, grab it by a corner point that you want to be on the floor, tap the up arrow so you constrain it to vertical movement only, and then point to something that already is at that level.

Sorry, that wasn’t a very good explanation by me! I want to lift everything that is highlighted in blue (Master bedroom) UP as it is on another level to the rest of the house (it’s a step up). The step is where the doorway is.

Like this?

Move Vertical 20210119

If you are referring to this screen text,
it means you have selected something that is attached to something else that won’t move in the way you want. Without seeing your model I would guess it is some raw geometry, probably the floor.
Try just selecting the furniture and move that, then deal with the floor, or wall or whatever it is that is the issue.

Thank you, I’ll give it a go