Hey guys just messing around need help



So I’m making a rough scale model of my room so I can move furniture in a virtual environment to show that things will work/fit place for wife approval, need to know how to move things by layer as if when I move anything around the model at times things I move destroy everything else stretching and contorting it despite being on different layers I found that sketchup layers work differently than other CAD programs but any help/advice/work-arounds?



Use Layers for controlling visibility.

Use Groups and Components for isolating geometry.

SketchUp doesn’t really subscribe to any of the layer concepts which are found in other software packages.

… and for the most part if you feel as if it’s time to use a layer, chances are what you really need to do is make a Group, or a Component.

Layer don’t provide any protections or isolations for the geometry which is placed on them. Using them in this manner offers a false sense of security, and things like this happen. . .


Be cautious about what layers your draw onto. For the vast majority of the time you’ll want to ONLY use Layer0 as your drawing layer.

When you reach the point that you wish to move objects onto other layers… use the Entity Info panel to reassign the geometry’s base layer.


Actually that’s Entity Info and you only assign groups or components to layers other than Layer 0. The geometry remains on Layer 0.


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