Hobbies beside SketchUp

I have one of those! https://londonist.com/london/art-and-photography/minecraft-london-lundon

What are you doing when not sketchupping?


I’ve been getting out in my woodworking shop. I’ve tuned up my tablesaw and it is cutting better than it ever has. New knives in the planer (thicknesser for the Europeans) and it is making glass smooth cuts. Other machines are getting tuned and I’m working on a small tea box with dovetailed corners.


Minecraft works very well together with SketchUp, so it’s sometimes difficult to not sketchup when you minecraft :smiley:

Have you tried using voxelisation plugin in SketchUp to build complex shapes in Minecraft? It has been a real lifesaver, like, when you want to build circles, domes and complex spline curves.

Minecraft is actually how I started my own hobby.
Together with some friends, designers and architects just chilling in Minecraft and building beautiful medieval cities. One day I had an idea to try to recreate medieval Riga in Minecraft, and… why just in Minecraft? Lets make the real deal in SketchUp! So I have been spending the last few years making this: https://www.medievalriga.lv/

I haven’t posted anything much lately, but will soon release some 360 views for VR and articles about the individual buildings.


Nothing!!! There is only SketchUp!! I am deleting this post immediately!!

Just kidding… I got a few hobbies… love making things in the real world, too.


That’s how I designed the balloons, the Gherkin and the Shard :smiley:

Cleaned up the workshop, fixed an Adirondack chair for a neighbor (well sort of, had to make do with wood scraps I had on hand as the lumber yard where I could get teak is closed), doing a lot of puzzles, reading.


Programming sort of anything :joy:

Few days ago I added internet control to my 3-year old son his toy crane, because, he told me his “kraanman” (dutch for crane operator) was unable to work because “all mommies and daddies have to stay home”. So, I decided to make “kraanman” a teleworker :upside_down_face:


That’s how you teach kids to solve problems :stuck_out_tongue:

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SketchUp Live! of course!, I’ve missed a few of the recent ones on the live feed but going to try to attend class tomorrow evening. I’ve found the recent ones with machine parts very interesting.

SketchUp forum, a very addictive mini hobby.

Took the car to pieces and did a lot of maintenance work on engine and suspension. I still have some work to do with brakes and other bits and bobs.

Still got shelving/storage to sort out in the garden shed, that’s my favourite hiding place.

Me and my partner in crime still get to go out into the world once a day to smell the freedom.


Gotcha! I knew they looked too perfect!

Here is a 10 year old model I designed for our medieval city.

Now my daughter has reached the age where she can take over my Minecraft cities and we can play together.


Photography (also on SmugMug)… as a life long pursuit (and sometime profession), it’s been a constant in my life since the late 1960’s. The bird feeder out the window from my home office has brought a lot of interesting visitors over the years, and my camera either sits on the desk or is one step away. Here are some from the past few days:

Hawk after the birds

The full moon

A flock of Cedar Wax Wings in yesterdays wild storm

Of course, with such an investment in photography, you can see why Match Photo is one of my favorite features.


I bake bread and cakes, spend time in my shed doing woodworking, scanning youtube (always scanning) and listening to Podcasts, mostly science based.

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I bind and repair books, besides reading them, being a history freak. I also like simple woodworking projects.


When I used to teach and make furniture for people in my own time, using the machine shop we had, we had a very large Thicknesser/Planer. The Thicknesser was underneath and the Planer was on top. So, could use the Planer to get a nice flat true face, before running through the Thicknesser. I think it was ex industrial. If I remember correctly the Planer was about 18 inches wide. Very good at doing rebates as well, although always very careful with the exposed Planer running.

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I’d like to have a combination machine. Currently I have a planer (thicknesser) like this:
Screenshot - 4_14_2020 , 5_51_31 PM

And a jointer (planer) like this.
Screenshot - 4_14_2020 , 5_52_00 PM

Semantics. :smiley:

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I do miss having access to a workshop. Got a few tools set up in my Basement, but not enough to do anything serious as not enough space.

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Just recently, building the fence that I’ve been meaning to do for 13 years :grinning:

Not quite complete in those photos, but is now done apart from the gate.


Very good, sir.

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Thank you. Got sick and tired of looking at the neighbour’s garden.

Oh yes @DaveR , meant to say I used the Colour By Layer in my current Project to colour Components with a semi transparent colour. Worked perfectly! Thank you for the Tutorial on that one.

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