Hitting Enter Key Reverts Command Back to choose Scale

Hi, trying to draw a scale bar 1:50 but every time i hit the enter key after inserting the 50 it reverts back to choose a scale , and so you start again, hit the enter key and it reverts back again. Any help please would be much appreciated .

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Where are you entering the 50? Can you share your LO file with the scale bar?

write 0.2 & than enter

Hi Dave, sorry i take a long time replying, but this is all new to me, and the only IT i know is self taught, here is a screen shot of the LO Page, no title bar as i cant create it lol

Katilina that did not work either sorry to say.


So you are pressing Enter after selecting the 1:50 scale in the Scaled Drawing? If that’s it, Enter is finishing the scaled drawing and closing. Don’t press Enter. Select the scale and then do what it says in blue at the top of the screen, start drawing with a drawing tool.

Hi Dave, no, i am using the line tool, entering 50, then pressing enter, at which point it is supposed to save that marker, then continue to draw the line to the point, but it is not saving that point and returning the drop down to choose a scale back to the beginning of the process.

Hope thats more understandable.

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What happens if you change the units to Centimeters or Meters?

Hi Dave, yes that works @ 1:100 and it actually works @1:50 , its just that i couldn’t see what i was drawing due to the zoom level, don’t know why hitting the enter key starts the whole process again though.

What would be your keyboard strokes to start drawing a scale @ 1:50 or 1:100 ?, trying to determine if it’s me/my settings or my keyboard?

Probably me lol

Thanks for your help Dave.

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This seems to work for me.

Thank you Dave, you are a Star, i think it’s hitting the enter key which is the problem, in future i am only going to use the mouse and click each point, i watched the Sketchup up guy on youtube Creating a SCALE BAR in Layout 2018 - YouTube and he clearly states hit the enter key?
1 more question if i may please, when i exported my Floor plan from sketchup to PDF/Jpeg ect i saved them as a 1:50 scale, following advice on here from Paul, which worked fine, but what i am not sure about is, what scale if any does Sketchup send that same drawing to Layout in? or have i got to apply a scale some where in Sketchup?

Many Thanks

I am pressing Enter in the GIF. You have to do that after typing the distance.

After you’ve inserted your SketchUp file into LayOut and you have chosen your plan view scene, set the scale for the viewport in the SketchUp Model panel.

Hi Dave, sorry to be so thick, i send my plan to Layout, but as you can see it wont give me the option to choose a Model, cant work out what i am doing wrong, amazing really that i managed to produce 8 Drawings Ha ha .

In your screen shot you have nothing selected. Select the viewport and then the SketchUp Model panel will be active.

Sorry Dave, but i cannot see where to select the viewport, in the Tray it’s greyed out.


The viewport is the view of your SketchUp model on the paper. Share your LayOut file so I can see exactly what you’ve set up.

Proposed Floor Plan with Borders Final Resized.skp (105.1 KB)

Hope this works?


That’s the SketchUp file, not the LayOut file.

Told you i am thick lol, where do ifind the Layout file , dont seem to be anywhere/


Hang on. I’ll make a video for you.

The video is processing. but here’s the link. You might need to wait a little before it can be viewed.

FWIW, the LayOut will save with the file extension .layout.

It would be a good idea to go through the instructional materials on SketchUp and LayOut at learn.sketchup.com