Hipped Roof Error Help

Condos .stl (162.2 KB)

I’ve been able to put a hipped roof on the selected face (shown in the image) before and for whatever reason, I can’t anymore. I’ve tried deleting the face and redrawing it and the other recommendations the roof extension offers. Any ideas?

What extension are you using to make the roof?

Instead of sharing an .stl which will probably take longer to clean up and make usable than model the roof for you, how about sharing the .skp file instead?

Condos 400 DDW.skp (493.9 KB) Sorry about that. Here’s the sketchup file. The extension is just called “roof”.

I think maybe you’re expecting too much out of the extension. I used Follow Me to make a roof with the ridge centered on the back section.

Here are the results after cleanup.

Clearly there needs to be something different done to create a hipped roof. The extension’s error message was indicating that it could do what you are asking in one step. Try dividing the roof up into sections and put the results together.

By the way, who are you designing this building for. Most people would have to stoop to get through the doors.

Would something like this work?
If so, there’s really no need for extensions.


Condos 400 DDW.skp (462.2 KB)

Oops, I guess this would be better. My eyes were gettting heavy.

The edge on front is made of segments, make this one line, segments in same muck up the script as it attempt to hip at these points

Condos 400 DDW.skp (503.3 KB)