Roof - vali architects

I need help. I am trying to use the VALI ARCHITECT extension for the roof and I’m having issues with this design. Can someone please help? I can share the skp file.


I would suggest that you share the SKP here.

The file is too large for an upload. Here is the link:

Look into the help videos etc at ValiArchitects on line. The roof creation is based on flat top plates–or actually establishing a horizontal face that follows the plates. So I don’t think the sloping plates you’ve drawn are going to be useful in using the tool.

So three or more plate heights and at least two roof styles (hip and gable). You have to figure out what shapes of horizontal planes to start with and may have to combine the resulting roof shapes afterward. It might be done with three planes for for the first level and one plane for the second. Of course one can’t be sure from just seeing one elevation. One needs to look at the sections and details. Roof plan etc. to see how the eaves and plates are worked out for the attached garage–or if these are unavailable, work out the construction to acheive the same result.

Also, can you describe the problem you’ve come up agains?. I won’t look at the file myself, because I don’t use 2022. But someone might be able to if there is a plan and elevations in the file.