Higher Resolution Causes Jagged Edge

Hi everyone,

When i try to render higher resolutions, renders start to get ‘jagged edges’. I got some test renders to show the issue (I use default high-low preset feature of vray 3.4 beta, also AA filter option is on with Catmull Rom):

(Images on top are rendered as a whole room, then i cropped them in GIMP and brought them together.)
The weirdest thing is when i use ‘region render’ feature on ‘vray frame buffer’ , render looks just fine. (See below image)

Seems like the problem is about antialiasing (AA) or my graphic card but i’m not sure how to solve it.

Note that updating my OS & graphic card didn’t solve the issue.
Also i checked other threads, seems like their problem hasn’t been solved.

I use Sketchup Pro 2017 + Vray 3.4 Beta
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Graphic Card: AMD Radeon HD 5450

Have you asked about this on the Vray forum?

Yes i asked. Here is the thread: Higher Resolution Causes Jagged Edge - Chaos Forums

Making Render Time = 0 solved the problem. I wasn’t able to reach the desired noise threshold.