High Quality Aerial Imagery for Europe and Rural USA (Hexagon)

I know lots of SketchUp users are looking for high quality aerial imagery and were disappointed when SketchUp lost the Google imagery.

You might want to check out the new Hexagon imagery now available through the PlaceMaker extension:

Click here for the coverage map to see if Hexagon covers your location. Note that PlaceMaker is not yet able to provide Hexagon’s UK imagery at this time.

Justin Geis did video yesterday comparing the Hexagon imagery with SketchUp’s Add Location, Mapbox, and Nearmap. It’s worth watching if you want to know more:

Thanks @Whaat - Loving that you guys are always working to make Placemaker better!

I personally thought the Hexagon data was a lot better than the Digital Globe data in the locations I tested, which was especially nice because neither of those areas were covered by Nearmap. Nice to have another option for sure!