Hierarchy of Components Tray Folders

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with changing the native SU alphabetical order of folders within the Components tray?

See the two attached .jpegs:

  • Website Products Format
  • SketchUp Products Format

I would like to be able to have the SketchUp Products Format order (Components Tray) match our Websites Product Format order. We have a customer base who have SU licenses that use our SU model library, and I would like the SU model library to match our website. Changing the websites order around is difficult as it is done by an offshore company.

I do not really want to see a prefix at the beginning like 01, 02, 03 etc… I would like only to see the names of the folders.

Are there any solid Ruby scripts that anyone has created for this?

Is there a way the original folders in their windows locations can be named with hidden pre-fix eg 01, 02, 03?

I have searched the forum, I do remember seeing something about this when I created the library last year, however I couldn’t find that particular topic or any topics related.



Not possible.


This can be done for the component Favorites list, but not for folder content listings.

Q: Are the TDC components in a collection on the 3DW warehouse, or are they installed on each end users local computer ? … or are they in FTP folders on your own website ?

Heya Dan,

How have you been? Thank you very much for looking into my questions. OK I understand what I am trying to achieve might not be possible. So for the time being, I’ll create a visible alpha or numerical prefix to have the component folders match the website folders.

In answer to your questions; The GM didn’t want the model Library I created to be published on the 3D warehouse, as, I also suggested the same thing to him early on in the process. A copy of our model libraries are stored on each PC for each designer in each store around New Zealand (we supply theses stores our cabinet products. The stores are all individually owned, so they also do not use a shared server. We don’t have many customers using the model libraries as yet, this will grow in time as they all get on board.

Thanks again for you reply and your answers which have set me up onto the right track :rofl: