Hiding/Unhiding Geometry

Hi there,

Been working on kitchen drawings. Normally ill make a two copies of a drawing and have one strictly as the exterior (view with doors) and another one of the interior components (Shelves, drawers, etc.) Instead of making copies of drawings, is there an easier way to add the doors to the interior drawing and hide them when necessary?

I’m not too sure how to Unhide an object after i Right Click and select Hide.
When i draw a door over a cabinet and double click it, it only selects the outer perimeter, if i triple click, it highlights the cabinet and door.

Can anyone explain to me in simple terms how to make this work?


Unlocking hidden entities can be achieved through three options:

  1. Navigate to the top menu, select View, and choose Hidden Geometry. This enables visibility for hidden objects, allowing you to right-click and unhide them.
  2. Utilize the Outliner, accessible by customizing the tray window. Here, you can view all entities within the model and change view status by entity.
  3. Consider utilizing scenes to manage the visibility status of objects. Creating two scenes—one with non-hidden objects and another with objects hidden—seems to be the most effective approach for your situation.

The context menu Hide option is something you should avoid using generally. It is useful for hiding something quickly that is in the way and then unhiding almost straight away. It can lead to lots of confusion.

The better option is to create groups and components and assign Tags to them so you can show and hide them easily. Or use the eye icon in Outliner to show and hide.
A well structured model will have an understandable hierarchy of objects that can be manipulated independently or in connection with other objects via Tags, Tag Folders, Outliner etc… This way you have no stray hidden objects ‘somewhere’ in your model.