Hiding outliner sub-group

I have noticed I can hide Otliner’s groups and save that as a scene but but I can not hide and scene Otliner’s sub-groups?

is that true ?

It is highly recommended that you do not use hidden flags to control visibility.

Instead create layers to control visibility. And then create scenes that have layers visible or not.

That’s what I have been doing so far, but it seems like hiding groups in outliner is much faster way of doing it - if I could hide sub groups now

Hiding is just not a good way to manage visibility of groups/components in scenes. It might seem to be faster at the front end but it creates problems as you go. Better to use Layers as Dan wrote.


But is every one experiencing the same thing or is it just me? Can sub-groups be hidden and scene-d or not?

It is possible to hide sub-groups. And create scenes with them hidden. It works for me but still, I wouldn’t do that in practice.

I can’t seems to do it and I have no idea what im doing wrong. Can you just with hiding cubes through outliner do it as per scenes? https://www.dropbox.com/s/153poe5ju65eto6/hide-groups.skp

hide-groups.skp (33.6 KB)

Like this?

so why it did not work in mine ?

Must be the way you’re holding your mouth. :smiley: Did you update the scene after you hid the blue cube?

so what do I pick here to ask a stu*** question :slight_smile:

That warning indicates the style has been changed since the scene was created. Depending on the change, you should either pick Save as a new style or Update the selected style. Rarely would you pick do nothing and do not disable the warning.

ok but when I go back to “all colors” tab blue is still hidden after

Well, of course it is because you’ve modified the group the blue is contained within by hiding the subgroup. That’s one reason to use layers like Dan and I told you.

I guess it’s not really faster to use Hide after all.

that’s ok but it is possible at all, that is the question ?

I think you now have the answer or at least the information to answer it.

Hmmm so I guess the workflow may be to limit my self to scenes & main-level hiding and put on layers only groups I need to hide after I ques…

Don’t get me wrong, I have been using layers for many years and I’m very efficient with that workflow but ever since I discovered outliner it seems like a much better way to handle groups and just entertaining an idea I can visually select them, hide them save as scenes, made me excited. It it look like it has serous limitations :frowning:

Outliner is a great way to work with your model but hiding is not an efficient way to handle scene specific visibility especially within nested groups/components. Why create more work for yourself when you don’t need to?


I use an outliner based workflow for all my projects. You can manually hide a subgoup but it will remain hidden. Scenes can only save the visibility of groups in the top level of the hierarchy but not for any nested groups.

If you do want to change the visibility of a nested group in several scenes, you have to move that nested group to another layer and toggle the layers visibility on those scenes.

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Unfortunately this appears to still be the case in SU2019.