Hiding intersecting lines?

Hi there. I created the walls and building and then made them a separate model. (Based on an online tuturial) I then created a layer for the roof and built them. Now I can figure out how to hide those horizontal lines between the wall and roof. If i try to select them it selects the entire model. Please help!

Thanks, WP

Hey, nice looking model.

If I understand you correctly, when you say you “made them a separate model,” I’m thinking you meant you made each major element of the house a separate group, or possibly component.

Groups and components are container objects. Some number of edges and faces that together form a meaningful unit or structure are placed together inside the container object, where they are isolated and protected.

Even after some number of entities have been enclosed in a container object, you can still edit the container object by entering its context, affording you access to the edges and faces within. Double-click to edit, click on empty space to quit editing.

You can edit the groups forming your house and then select and hide (right-click > Hide) the edges you don’t want to see.


To hide edges, I like to use Eraser + Shift instead of going to the context menu. Note when the Eraser is active, there are tooltips down in the status bar (although Eraser + Shift + Ctrl to unsoften is missing.)