Hiding intersecting (Visible lines) components to form one component

I made two separate rooms. Each room is a separate component. I want to combine both to create a new component but do not want to see the visible lines where both components intersect. What is the best approach to resolve this issue?

Do they realy need to intersect. My understanding is that walls do not need to occupy tge same 3D space. Instead walls from one room touch the walls of the other room. Do you agree? It affects the answer to your question.

I see your point and understand what your saying. I guess removing common intersections is one solution. The only reason I would prefer to keep the intersecting geometry is because sometimes those areas are considered part of one room’s architecture over the other. I was wondering if perhaps there is some way to merge hide intersecting lines.

In that case you need to add extra edges where both room walls intersect. Then use ‘Hide’ for these end common edges in each separate group. Or create extra endpoints along common edges whereafter you can hide one part of two coplanar edges.

Wouldn’t adding extra edges on intersection yield the opposite result? Would you be able to post a video of this if possible? Thanks