Avoid line when overlapping

Dear all

This is a issue that we spend hours on weekly :slight_smile: Please help.

How can i visualise this model without having lines from the overlaps.
I need to be able to work with the model afterwards.
So deleting it is not an option…

Any thougts?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Untitled - Kopi.skp (234.5 KB)

Do you mean like this?

The overlapping are

still there. see image…

thank you!

He doesn’t understand why you don’t want to connect parts with solids, but you can do it like this:
Edit component and hide this edges and rom other side

Now you must draw a small rectangle at ends shelfs (outside components)

Thank you. It a possiblity…but still to manual i think…I was hoping for something more automated maybe :slight_smile:

You might wanna check ‘Visual merge’ by Eneroth:

If you make separate components for the outer and middle shelves, you can use tags to control the visibility of these edges. But still don’t understand why don’t you combine the overlapping pieces into one?

I in need of being able to contiue working on the model after visualization in case the client are in need of more iterations… :slight_smile:

thank you!

I don’t think
Author of the extension writes clearly


May produce unexpected results for overlapping groups/components. First use Solid Trim to make sure they only touch and don’t overlap.

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hmmm :slight_smile:

If it was me I would copy the geometry, tag it and turn off the tag. Paste in place, fix the non solid component then use outershell to remove all the joins.
If the client needs it changed delete it and turn on the other tag and work on it, repeat as necessary.

I would also look into the correct use of Tags, yours are not right.

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Thank you.

I have never worked with tags…where can i learn about that?

Thank you!

Tags is the new name for Layers, you have many layers in your model but as I’m opening it in 2022 they show as Tags. There is no difference except the name. Oh and now you can have Tag Folders.
You can read about how they should be used here.

I don’t see overlapping geometry in the image?

And… maybe check attached OP file