I’ve created a nested component and can’t get the nested elements to unhide. I open the component, and try unhide and nothing. Any help?

Can you share the SKP file here?
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New Retirement Carlsbad.skp

It’s the couch component - I had cushions and pillows on it, and I know I only hid them, but can’t find them.

Hmmm, these cushions and pillows? I see this when I open up straight away.

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Yes! Why can’t I see them? Let me try closing the file and reopening.

Seen as though nothing is hidden upon looking at the file, its hard to give a straight answer. If you did Hide the Components I have a feeling you may not have found the right context to Unhide them because of the levels of nesting there are. You have to be in the same context as the hidden entities to be able to Unhide them, this rule also applies to the “Unhide All” command.

I’ll give an answer as if they were hidden though, I don’t see a problem with Layers for the couch at least.
See the screenshot of the Outliner below.

(A)The cushions are Sub-Components of “Component 12” that is several nests down into the component. You would have to open up that Component for editing to Unhide the cushions.

(B)The pillows are Sub- Components of both “Sofa” (left and right) again several nests down into the Component. You would have to open up each of those for editing to Unhide the pillows.


Okay, that was weird. They’re back. Thanx for your time.

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Thank you.

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