Hide Guides in Layout?

Is there quick way to hide guidelines in individual Layout Scenes rather than switching back into SU?

Guide lines won’t show if you render the viewports as Vector but they show with Raster and Hybrid rendering so if you need to use one of those rendering modes, you’ll need to go to SketchUp to deal with them. Guides are intended as temporary things in SketchUp. Once they’ve served their purpose you should delete them.

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If you don’t want to have to delete the guidelines in SketchUp, you could always just customize your Style so it doesn’t display guides. In SketchUp, go to Styles > Edit > Modeling > Uncheck Guides. Don’t forget to click the update button or save it as a new style. Then make sure that style is saved in your scenes as well.

This way, you can model with guides, not worry about having to delete them, but know they will not appear in LayOut.

Of course Matt’s correct. If you aren’t finished with the guides you can hide them as he says. It’s important, though that the scenes for the viewports haven’t been modified in LayOut. You don’t want to see the word ‘Modified’ in the Scenes field.
Although generally it’s best to avoid modified scenes anyway, if you do have them, deleting the guides will get rid of them in those viewports as well.