Hide dimension unit symbols

Using Layout to produce drawings from models & all drawing have note “all dimensions mm unless otherwise stated” is there a way to have dimension just show the number, ie 1000 instead of 100mm ?.With some complex parts the “mm” just adds to the clutter

You can do this in the dimension inspector dialog.

  1. Open the dimension inspector from the “Window” menu.
  2. Select the dimension(s) to change
  3. Click on the button in the upper-right corner of the dimension inspector. If you hover over this button, you should see a tooltip that says “Display Units”. Toggling this button will show/hide the units abbreviation.

If you want this behavior to be the default for newly created dimensions, switch to the dimension tool, then toggle that same button to the “off” state. Any dimensions created after this point should have the units abbreviation hidden.


Here’s a scene-shot

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Thanks guys, something else learned

Hi Guys, I’ve just started to use Layout 2023 pro and am having the same issue as ric2219 above, as I use millimetres. I can’t seem to find a way of hiding the mm. I followed the instructions from Marc but I can’t see a way of doing it in the Dimension Style Inspector. Please help

It may have changed in the intervening 9 years, but…
GIF 6-09-2023 8-18-41 PM

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Duh!! Thanks so much Box. I don’t know how many times I hovered over that button - I’m such a noob. All good now.
I just now need to find out how to change the terminator style from closed arrow to slash. Do you have any ideas?

Select the dimension or dimensions and change the terminators in Shape Style.

Easier to set that up before you start adding dimensions by selecting the Dimension Tool and making the adjustments. That way all dimensions going forward will use the same settings. And even better, if you always want those settings, create a custom template with the units not shown and the terminators on the dimension line set the way you want.

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Thank you paul.mcalenan & DaveR - Coming from AutoCad I’m struggling with the new terminology.