Hidden menu with beta/advanced tools?

The answer is most probably no, but I wanted to ask just in case:

Back in SketchUp 3 and/or 4, there was a hidden menu (up there with Tools, Window etc) that revealed itself when you pressed a certain key combination. It was filled with various more advanced commands and yet unfinished features, some of it developer-oriented, some of it user-centric. Before it was released with SketchUp 5, the Follow Me tool was available through this menu as “Follow Along Path”, for instance, iirc.

I wonder if there is still such a secret menu we can access?

No. Nothing like that. Now, prerelease features are available through Labs or the Beta program.

I expect you are thinking of some send_action arguments. They weren’t for beta or advanced tools, though. I can’t find the old list but one I recall is Sketchup.send_action 10624 which opens the Camera Properties window. This apparently only works on Windows and it still works in SketchUp 2023. I think there’s a plugin available in the Extension Warehouse that effectively runs this argument and pulls up the window. For most users this window is probably not all that useful.

Wasn’t it the Onion Dome tool?

Not a programmer so I’m not sure about the nomenclature, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t invoke the commands via the ruby console if that’s what you mean. It was a menu that appeared between Window and Help when you pressed something like Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D or whatever, and it had maybe 10-15 items in it.

SketchUp was very young, I guess exposing unfinished tools to users so haphazardly like that wouldn’t be the professional thing to do nowadays, when you can have proper Beta/Labs programmes.

Now that you mention it, I can vaguely recall than one as well, though it’s hazy. Follow Along Path was definitely in it however, since I used it regularly. That early version didn’t have the “follow the mouse” feature, you selected the profile and the curve and hit the command.

I wonder how young you are thinking. There was no Window menu in its really young days. This is from 20 years ago in SketchUp 3.1 which still works fine today. No Follow Me then, either.
Screenshot - 12_7_2023 , 1_26_46 PM

My memory is fuzzy (I mean, two decades!) but I remember it as version 4, though it might’ve been present in 5 as well since I remember telling about it to Chris Fullmer back when he and I were trying to build a SketchUp Wiki together, in 2006. I had written the article about the “hidden advanced menu”, and Chris had told me he had no idea there was such a thing, which stuck with me for some reason. No idea if he still remembers any of this haha.

Is there some place I could download the old versions??? I’d love to play around with them.

I don’t know of anywhere to get those really old versions. I only have 3.1 because it came on a CD back then and I still have the CD.

And you still have a computer with a CD reader! How archaic!

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Indeed I do. I keep thinking I need to get a new machine but this one keeps working. And anymore it’s the only think I’ve got that will play my old music CDs.

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