[FeatureRequest] Follow-Me Tool Procedure

I am used to using the FollowMe tool by first selecting the Path line, and then selecting the Face to do the following. This is particularly good for creating spheres from circles.

The my.SketchUp version appears only to work by selecting the Face, and then following a path line.

I do not know what is generally preferred by other users, but I’d like it the former way.

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+1 and Follow Me needs a keyboard shortcut.

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I can select the path, then the tool, then the surface…

what am I doing wrong?

+1 for shortcut keys all round…


It seems to be a little inconsistent. When I tried it before posting, it didn’t work. I left it for a bit and did something else. I just tried it now and it works. Weird.

Is there any “About” display where the current version number is displayed ?

I suggest “W” as the mapped shortcut.

It’s what I still use in desktop SketchUp and it became quickly intuitive for me since “What the…?” was constantly coming out while gazing upon the result of my first sphere attempts when I started… :wink:

Not that I see. I would expect that going to the link and logging in would take you to the most recent version, wouldn’t it?

Funny! I like F myself. :wink:

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Yes, but I am getting at KNOWING if the version has been updated (say, since you last tested the FollowMe fueature.)

Perhaps it is in need of a “my.WhatsNew” or “your.Welcome” panel ?

True. The SU team can move pretty quickly so it would be nice at least during the beta phase to get an alert of a new version when logging in.

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if you select the FollowMe tool first then the line then the face, it behaves weirdly…


I like the fact that the sphere don’t come out inside out (reversed faces) like in the desktop version though

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Looks like I didn’t try hard enough…!

or maybe I painted both faces the same colour…

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WOW! Excellent!
Ich bin ein dummkopf!

How do I mark as “Solved”?

If you are the topic originator, you can select the checkmark icon on one of the posts. (Only the originator will have these checkmark icons.)

Well, it seems the method where you’re selecting a face as a path is easier to accomplish since the first time you’ll select the follow-me tool, the multitool fly-out will still be set to Push-pull. Which you have to click (activate) to make the menu fly out. Meaning a selected face will stay selected, but a selected path will be deselected. So… why not make the menu fly out on hover?

+1 (I like hover flyout idea!)