Follow me bug, Tool works only once


Follow me tool bugged when creating a sphere in SketchUp Web and SketchUp Free.
Works perfectly the first time, but does nothing or behaves weird when you try to repeat the action after Undo.

I noticed it does work if I select Follow me from the main toolbar, but does not work if you select it from sub-menu.

This bug was brought to my attention from a teacher that was going insane with it in classroom. Same outcome for all students.

When you click “undo” and therefore undo the sphere you’ve created, does your cursor still have the “follow me” icon over it? The problem might be you’re undoing a middle step in a 3 click process. If I hit the space bar to turn my cursor to select before repeating the process, I’m able to make a sphere on command.

As for whether it’s selected from the toolbar or the submenu, I can’t seem to recreate your error. Not consistently, anyway. In fact, when I try to record it (by way of awkwardly holding my phone up to the screen), it doesn’t work, but if I try to practice or rehearse it, it works just fine.

In my experience, the Follow Me tool is temperamental to begin with, and I’ve always had to be far more deliberate with it than most any other command (besides maybe the solid tools).

I don’t have the web versions to test on…. But I see in your gif that your selecting the face of the lower circle. As I understand the correct way is to select the edge of the circle ( the path) then select “follow me” and click the face of the upper circle. Wonder if this slight selection difference is creating the issue?

No difference. Selecting the edge or face gives the same results.

This creating a sphere trick has worked with web version OK before, as the teacher has also repeated it a 1000 times before.

Somethin broke in recent updates.

Works when I first select Follow Me from the submenu (When the default is PushPull).
If I try to select Follow Me again from the submenu then it doesn’t work.
Works if I select from main menu, when Follow Me replaces Push Pull as default.
Works from the submenu if I use Push Pull before that.

Every time I Undo, I also use Select to pick the face of the circle first

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This is one of those annoying things that happens with the pop out menus, you lose the selection while changing tools. If it is after an Undo the Follow Me tool should be the tool showing, so click it and don’t click the tool again to select it from the pop out, just use it and it will work.

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