Try out this picture guide to FollowMe, and tell me if it makes sense

I’m looking for feedback. Does this makes sense to you? it’s designed to sit on the side of the screen while you are using the FollowMe tool in SketchUp on the other side of the screen. Feel free to download this picture and try it out.

Maybe instead of “click on the profile” you may have to say “click on the profile’s face”? Just a suggestion since people may try and select the edges.

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The easiest way to use the follow-me tool is to pre-select the path before using the tool - this normally means that you need to do a bit of prep work first to get the best results.

My method of working is as follows:

  • select all the ‘easy’ contours I want the profile to follow (double click on a surface, then [shift] click to de-select the face)
  • copy
  • create the profile I want (or take one from a library)
  • make this into a group
  • edit the group
  • “paste in place”
  • At this point I may add extra geometry, but it must follow or continue the path - any breaks or ends that don’t quite join up will make the contour fail.
  • re-position the profile to sit on an edge
  • select all ( [ctrl]+a)
  • de-select the profile ( [shift] + double click on it)
  • click the “follow me” tool
  • click the profile.

This has the advantage of keeping the existing geometry and the resulting profile is in a new group that con be coloured from outside.

@josephkim626 Thanks for that! I updated it. You’re right, a beginner would probably select an edge instead of the surface.

Might also be worth to say “face” instead of “surface” if you did. Because the terminology that SketchUp uses is “edge” and “face” (in entity info) Just to be consistent everywhere.

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@josephkim626 I changed it! What do you think?

Yep. That works. :sunglasses:

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