Is the Follow Me tool a plugin?

I was wondering if the follow me tool is a plug in? I do not have the option on my sketchup!

No. It’s not a plugin. Look in the Tools menu. You should see it there. It’s also in the Large toolset.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? “Sketchy make” isn’t enough information.

It’s there - click on the PushPull icon and it is the second of the pop-out options.

PS. Before seeing @DaveR’s reply, I assumed you meant ‘my.sketchup’ not ‘my (own copy of ) sketchup’.

It’s not clear if the OP is using SketchUp Make or my. SketchUp.

Well I had 30 days of sketchup up pro but it was just 30 day trial so I am guessing it’s sketchup make now

So SketchUp 2017 Make?

Then as I said, look in the Tools menu, Large Toolset or the Edit toolbar.

Thank you and yes it’s the 2017 version!

The Follow Me tool is a standard tool in both make and pro. Of any version.

When you wrote, “my SketchUp” it was confusing because there’s a different SketchUp product called my.SketchUp. It’s hard to tell which one you’re referring to.

By the way, please complete the It questions with the model of your graphics card and the version of SketchUp. That’ll make it easier to help you when you have questions in the future.

Man you guys are fast and helpful I can’t say it enough thank you!

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We were just sitting around wondering what was taking you so long to get here. :smiley: :smiley:

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I don’t use my.sketchup, but I launched it online to see whether I could find and use the follow me tool. The follow me tool does not appear within the available toolbars in my.sketchup so it would seem that this feature is not able to be used in the online version.

@jvleearchitects, Follow Me is indeed available in my. SketchUp. See John’s screen shot. It shows Push/Pull, Follow Me, and Offset in that order. And as it turns out, this question is not about my. SketchUp anyway.

Lol man I got a lot to learn and understanding how that 3-d warehouse works is no easy task so I am sure I will be back with more stupid questions tonight and time to com

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C’mon @DaveR, that was not apparent from the OP’s question. I launched my.sketchup to see for myself and the follow me tool was not readily apparent. You can’t expect folks to intuitively know to click a flyout on the P-P tool to generate the follow me command. But thx for educating me about this.

Is there a way to edit my original post? I on my phone right now!

Come on, if you have sage as your title you need to be a bit more accurate.

I’m lost buddy what are you talking about sage

Don’t worry Eddie it was something else, all is good with your posts.