Hi , can you help me with the same?

Hi , can you help me with the same?
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What exactly is ‘the same’?

It helps you to get used to not inserting everything you find in the 3D warehouse into your model, or at least look for some low-poly models.

I could not open the file. problem: FAILED TO OPEN DOCUMENT
Please send it back

It didn’t make sense to send your file back to you, even if I purged it, it only decreased to 640 MB from 800 MB (with ~ 8 million edges).


I’m attaching your model only with the walls, floor, doors and windows, I deleted the rest of the furniture you downloaded from 3D warehouse. It still has the window and door handles with a lot of unnecessary details. Now the file is only 1 MB.
I also corrected the orientation of the faces, which you should take into account when creating a model (white outwards).

If you want to insert furniture and entourage from the 3D warehouse, look for low-poly models that your computer can load and display. Also, learn about Tags and use them to make working with larger models easier.

model-02.skp (1.0 MB)


The furniture is not taken from 3D warehouse, that’s why that model is important to me.
If you can separate it into 2 or 3 models and send it via wetransfer

sorry, I speak a little English

Please send the model with furniture in 2 or 3 files

Send a file with materials.
Do not change anything, just split it into 2 or 3 files