Hi, can not open extension WH inside SketchUp at China

, I guess something related to Google…better do not relate google stuff in china at all.

There are plenty of other reasons, like connection speed. Also SU, like other programs that use a browser, requires that your default, system browser is up-to-date and healthy. So if you use Windows, IE needs to be maintained https://sites.google.com/site/sketchupsage/problems/other#TOC-Why-can-t-SketchUp-access-the-3D-Warehouse-or-Extension-Warehouse-.

Google sold SU to Trimble Navigation a few years ago. The Warehouse is hosted by Trimble.

It could be that we ping google.com to test for internet connection.

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With regard to the error message you’re seeing, try section C of this Knowledge Center article:

Thom is right - SketchUp pings www.google.com to test for an Internet connection. You can change what site SketchUp uses to validate an Internet connection by modifying the SketchUp.dat file.


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I just got this on my own computer today. And we don’t have an anti-Google firewall in Norway…

Problem resolved half. not stable.

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