Helping in the design of the new stealth nose

Hi, I want to design a stealth nose for a helicopter without losing the standard dimensions. Can anyone help me?

I think you need to give a whole lot more information about what you are doing and what you are expecting. Share your SketchUp file or at least some images.

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Hi, I want to rebuild the nose of the helicopter YH-1 and modernize it. Of course, the entire body undergoes changes. Well, they will be in the next stages. Now this is the hardest part.

I did a Google search for YH-1 helicopter and didn’t get any hits. Only references to UH-1 helicopters.

So far you haven’t provided any useful information to be able to give you any guidance. I can think of any number of extensions that might be useful but without being able to see your starting point and where you what you want to end up with, it’s all just guessing.

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Oh my god, sorry the name was typed wrong. uh-1