Help with working with curved wall

Castle_Keep.skp (2.5 MB)
I am having some problems working with curved surfaces.

I’ve designed a castle with a semicircular bailey and am attempting to make the crenelations around it.
Is there any way to fluently continue them around the curved wall?

I used the Follow Me tool to curve them, but I’m struggling with segregating the individual corbels on the bottom and making the arch between them. They’re supposed to be 30 cm and the arch 80 cm wide.

The problem I’m finding is that if I try to separate the rounded surfaces of the corbels, it refuses to make two individual faces, as shown in the photo.

And the issue with the arches is that I don’t quite understand how to make them around angled surfaces, as is again shown in the photo.

I hope I made the problem understood. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and merry Christmas

I did something completely different, I used the existing wall, doubled its length and used true bend through 180º to look like this. I used the required half circumference as the total length before bending.


I’ve managed to get it done now with the truebend. Thank you both for your advice and help.