Struggle adding curved walls to structure


I was wondering if someone would be able to advise me how I can add a curved wall to the medium and smaller sections in the same way that the large section has a curved wall.

I am currently drawing a curve using the 2 point arc tool at each end and connecting them to form a curved wall. There’s a step down between each section which is causing some issues when trying to align the points of an arc to form the curved wall.

I would appreciate if anyone can advise me if there is a different method of doing this.

Hopefully the file will give a better idea of what I am trying to achieve.

Test.skp (233.0 KB)

You can use the Line tool to stitch between the vertices on the curves. I’ve done a little of that here. Make sure you correct any exposed blue back faces by right clicking on them and choosing Reverse Faces.

I would suggest that you avoid adding materials to faces until you have the geometry completed. Here you can see that the face on the step is reversed with its blue side out. That kind of thing is difficult to see when you apply materials to the faces.

Note that you’ll have a problem to fix where the mid-height roof curve meets the taller section curve near the cursor in the next screen shot.

Screenshot - 12_13_2020 , 4_43_36 PM

When I zoom in on that corner you can see how the mid-height roof arc extends a wee bit beyond the side curve.

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Thanks for your help so far, I’ve managed to add the sides to the small curved wall now.

I think I have also adjusted the corner of the mid-height roof arc so that it is properly aligned, however as you can see from the screenshot the last segment of roof for the mid-section is still not filling in.

Every time I use the line tool it only fills in half of the shape, and each time I use it again it fills in half of the remaining space ( eg 1/2 then 1/4 then 1/8 etc of total area).

What I see in your screen shot implies that you haven’t fixed it. I would suggest that you start over on that part of it and draw your roof arc so it terminates on end points on wall arcs. That would be much easier than trying to fix the bad geometry.

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I redrew the roof arc and it is now working perfectly, there was a small line that the points were snapping to which I needed to delete.

Thanks for your help!

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