Help with VRay lighting

I need help with lighting up the interior using VRay as it is too dark

Your Ambient Occlusion seems to be turned off. Turn it on to add more realism to all corners. You can increase the ISO parameter as much as you want. Unlike real-world cameras the ISO in V-Ray does not produce noise. Your ceiling seems to be low, which means you should consider using minimalistic and flat light sources. What is the place designed for? How high is the ceiling? Are there any windows on the other walls? There’re just too many questions to provide good help.

Well, if that big space has no other openings than we see in the image, it will most likely be dark in real life too. And you’re going to need artificial light inside other than sun. (Adding an omni light inside might give the result you desire)
Also consider that adding textures to those surfaces might affect overall lighting as well.

Besides, @VahePaulman has good points, try his suggestions.
Check this manual for more info about what Ambient Occlusion does exactly with examples: Documentation - Chaos Help
Also check this for more info about Camera settings with examples: Documentation - Chaos Help

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