Help with my frustration on something simple I hope!

Hello anyone!!
I am new to this so please bear with me…
Whenever I hit NEW on sketchupmake it takes me to an old drawing as opposed to starting a new one with the usual person standing etc as a fresh template. Does anyone know how I can fix this please, its so frustrating and Im sure there must be a simple solution as Ive been using it for ages and all has been well.
Many many thanks in advance to who ever you are!!
Brett. UK

Most likely you saved that model using Save as template. Open SketchUp and in the Welcome screen, click Choose Template. Select the one you want to use. And to make it stick, you can use File>Save as template for good measure.

You are amazing, thank you so much DaveR

Did that work or are you just saying that? :smiley:

And thank you.


Im trying it now, will post back in a sec hopefully!!

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DaveR, you have been a star! It worked just as you said. Thankyou so much, now I can work.
Many many thanks

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