Help with joining angled extrusions


Hi all,
I am having trouble joining two walls that should meet, however they are both angled off the perpendicular from the floor. This will be used for a 3d print.
I have tried using lines from point to point and then extruding the resultant ‘triangles’, but this is an estimate at best, and the model no longer groups as a solid object, nor does Solid Inspector2 provide automatic repairs.
How should I join these walls? Thanks for the help!mlb5.skp (167.1 KB)


Is this what you’'re trying to accomplish?

I drew the edges in to complete the corner without trying to extrude anything.

The model has a number of bad spots in it that won’t allow it to print very well. That butress thing on the inside, for example doesn’t touch the bottom floor and it very slightly overlaps the hole


Umm, yup!
What do you mean you drew in the edges? Did you use the pencil tool?
I will fix the problems with the buttress.
Thanks for your help!


Yes. I used the Line Tool. Here’s a start.

How did you arrive at the angles and linear dimensions?


I am copying an existing object which has become brittle over time (45 year old plastic) thus the odd angles and lengths. Two walls are off 90 by 8 degrees and the middle wall is off by 20.


After drawing in the edges, surfaces are automatically created, however the interior is hollow?



The interior is always how in SketchUp models. SketchUp is a surface modeler, not a solid modeler.


Thanks! can you share the updated .skp file?


Sorry. I didn’t save it.


I just drew it from scratch next to yours. It was easier than cleaning up your model.

mlb5.skp (114.8 KB)


that is so cool, thanks!