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I am trying to drape a logo onto cup. I imported the logo from a photo and the cup came from the 3D warehouse. I attached a model with 3 scenes, one that is just the mug and the logo, the second shows the logo positioned over the mug, and the third show the result of applying the drape tool. As can be seen, I get the outline of the logo component, but not the logo itself. I looked through several posts dealing with the drape tool but could not apply the solutions offered. I am sure I am doing something very simple incorrectly and would appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks
Mug w: logo.skp (3.4 MB)

Materials panel > Sample Paint > Paint Bucket tool (with texture Projected)
Drape tool is for geometry (edges).

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Mihai - Thank you for the quick response, I appreciate it. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work. I think I followed the same steps, but when I apply the texture I get only a darker shade of grey applied. In you vid the eyedropper is quite small, on my Mac is it much larger, perhaps there is a setting that I have wrong. The good news is that the result you got is exactly what I am looking for, so if you can help me just a bit more I will have it.

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Don’t post your e-mail in the forum exept for private messages.
There are bots roaming the world wide web for personal information. And not for friendly reasons!

Good advice, thanks for the heads up, I was not aware of that risk

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Thanks for the advice, I will give that a try,

I see you’ve got it sorted out… :+1:t2: