Help with creating this ribbon structure please

Ribbon structure
How would you create something like this ribbon like structure and what plugins you would use? Thanks so much for you help.

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If by ‘ribbon structure’ you meant that purple shape.

For the white lamp above, draw an 8 or an elipse, change its shape in Z axis and then give it thickness with Follow Me and a circle.

Thanks very much for your help. That is perfect. I haven’t used Vertex Tools or Sub D before. I’ve got some learning and practice to do. Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

You can also create that shape using FredoSpline and Fredo Curviloft, if you know how to work with those extensions.

I’ve got Curviloft, but haven’t used FredoSpline. I thought about Curviloft, but trying to create the geometry to create a skin isn’t quite working. I find organic shapes always tricky. Is Vertex Tools by Evil Software Empire? Thank you.

But it’s nice to create them :wink:

Both by thomthom

Vertex Tools - A powerful Vertex Editor for SketchUp — Vertex Tools
SUbD - Parametric Subdivisions for SketchUp — SUbD

And in addition to them, use this extension QuadFace Tools.

Thank you for the links. Plugins are like opening a pandoras box and some are very overwhelming to learn. I appreciate your help. Thanks again :slight_smile:

If you want with FredoSpline and FredoCurviloft :wink:


Thanks so much for all your amazing help. I will give FredoSpline and Curviloft a go.

This is probably a silly question, but in the video, how do you get those little black points to appear before you use Edge Tools?

:slight_smile: Endpoints in Styles > Edit > Edge Settings


Toggle EndPoints extension

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Thank you! I’ve never used endpoints before. Will definitely use them now :slight_smile:

Ribbon structure.skp (317.3 KB)

With the help of your videos, I managed to create the structure using FredoSpline and Curviloft. When I orbit, you can see geometry, even though I’ve smoothened it. What did I do wrong? Thank you again.

See this, about the flow of geometry

Thanks for that. What is the full name of the S4U plugin you used please? I have a lot to understand and process.

You’re welcome!
S4U Explode, but you can use the native command - right click > Explode.

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Thought it was some fancy tool, but Explode works for me :slight_smile:

I’m searching for the Toolbar 2 plugin, but can’t find it. Does it have another name? Apologies for all the questions. Thank you.

It’s a toolbar that I created using the Toolbar Editor extension. Also, you can use the native tool to select the edges.

Wow! That is so cool! I will check it out.

So basically, from what I understand if there isn’t the same amount of geometry on parallel geometry, it will create a zig zag effect when a face is created and isn’t ideal. The aim is for a grid appearance and even geometry?

It gives good results if you create a clean and orderly geometry.
And it makes your work much easier.

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