Help with creating a 3d-curve

Hey! I’m trying to figure out if there’s a clever way to make a shape similar to the crown of these towers;

Creating the actual curves are no problems ofc. but then to figure out a way to make the curve have a smooth elevation from the start at 0m the tip at 20m is where I get stuck.

So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

You could perhaps draw the top curves on a face, then rotate the face to the slope you want.

The perhaps use the CurviLoft plugin to make the curtain walls?

Something like this… though I just copied the bottom curve from the top and scaled it up a bit.

I traced the curves over the image using the Arc tool, keeping successive arcs tangent, with the image horizontal. Then rotated the curves around the red axis.

Curvy top.skp (1.7 MB)

Thanks John for the reply!
Have to say I did not fully understood your process to achieve that, so maybe it will work for what I want to achieve myself. But one more factor is that the walls need to be straight and it’s also important that I can follow the curves drawn horizontally as the model I’m working on is made with geo-locations and I want to be as accurate as possible positions.

Here’s the model paramount.skp (1.2 MB)

It’s looking good.

Unfortunately, I’m still not clear from the original photo just what the geometry is. And not much clearer after finding other images.

Are there any more-or-less plan view images?

[Finds one]

Sorry, I have to go out, but will see later if I can think of something further.

Yeh unfortunately there aren’t any new aerial views from this tower to get a grip of the geometry of the crown

But basically this is the starting point and end point;

And I want the curve to have a constant increase just like how you did your example. But at the same time there’s no angle on the wall of the crown.

Here’s a couple of references I’ve used which might give a bit more understand of the geometry.

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