Creating a sloping (glazed) curved wall attached to vertical walls of building

I have created a building at the front of which I want to add a curved glazed wall that slopes out like the bow of a ship. The angle of slope changes from 20degrees at the sides to vertical at the centre. Any tips on the best way/tools to use to do this would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Illustrations showing what you are trying to do would help as would sharing the SKP file if you could.

Making a distorted shape with triangulated faces would be one thing, but if you’re aiming for something where each piece of glazing is a flat quadrangle, that adds to the challenge.

Just thinking out loud here, but, I might approach it by drawing the segments in plan and then putting an oversized plane as a group (so it won’t immediately stick to other geometry) on each segment, rotating each one out as desired, and then using Intersect with Model to find the lines of intersection.

Sorry. Got degrees wrong. Should have said 20degrees at centre and then vertical at sides where glazed section meets main building. Will post photo of what I’m trying to draw up.


I’ve done the bit right at the front of the curve but can’t work out how to do the curved sections…

Here’s what I’ve done so far…!!

Curves are segmented in SU. I have fewer segments here, but what I was describing was something like this.
Over shot planes:

trim off excess:

Maybe a starting point?

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Thanks so much to you both. I really appreciate your help. I shall give it a go.

Sorted! Thanks again.

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