Curved Geometry Question

Hi Everybody

I have been trying to solve a problem on my own without success so can anybody help me please.

The attached model is a piece of 10mm curved glass which is to be manufactured. The outer profile is perfect but the top edge slopes at 3 degrees whereas I need it to be square. It was created using ‘intersect faces with selection’ and as it intersected with a glass roof panel sloping at 3 degrees the top edge naturally slopes at 3 degrees.

Does anybody know how I can make it square and keep exactly the same outer profile?

Thanks as always, Kevin

Curved Glass.skp (82.5 KB)

See this SU file.

Curved Glass - JL - 2024-01-24.skp (344.9 KB)

Thanks Jean

I probably didn’t make my question clear. The 3 degree slope refers to a section through the top edge rather than the overall shape. The top edge needs to be on a radius to form a constant joint thickness with the roof.

This is the developed shape - I need to make the top edge square in section as this shape will be cut out of 10mm glass and it cannot have angled edges.

This exercise is really to make my model sections accurate.

I don’t see clearly the relation between the top and this curved wall.

Can you post a picture of the finished product?

Here you go.

Its the top edge of the upper curved section I am trying to make square (in section) rather than follow the 3 degree slope of the roof.

Currently the top of the glass is angled at 3 degrees and I would like to show it square.

In my previous file, the top and bottom of the curved glass are horizontal.

When the curved glass is laid flat, i.e. before it is curved the top edge will not be a straight line and it never will be but the edges will be at 90 degrees to the surface. In my model the edges are at 93 degrees to the surface which is wrong and that is what I am trying to correct.

I think I should be able to square them up using follow me. Maybe it will come to me after a few hours sleep

Thanks for trying :smile::+1:

The top shouldn’t be horizontal, it has a dip in the middle. The thickness of the glass has to be horizontal.

I have tried follow-me but it doesn’t work. Then I tried Upright extruder which should keep the thickness horizontal but I can’t get it to work without some massive cleanup…

Edit: When trying to measure the angles with “Angular dimension2” it bugsplatted…

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Here is one using Fredo’s JPP. Seems to be right but I guessed you want the outside of the curve as the top height, if the inside you would need to JPP the inner face instead.
GIF 25-01-2024 12-03-40 PM

Curved GlassBox.skp (171.2 KB)

It isn’t perfect, in the middle of the curve the angle is 90.002deg

Thank you very much.

The curve isn’t exactly what it appears because the manufacturing process creates a 100mm flat section either end, but if you take a section through the centre of the curve it is exactly 90 degrees :+1:

Much appreciated.