Help with building this fireplace please

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to build this shape for the fireplace in SketchUp? I tried to create a profile and then used the follow me tool, but it doesn’t quite look correct asin the elevation image. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Is a shape that could be done with follow me easily, maybe you’re doing something wrong, there are a lot of ways to model that but creating the profile and extruding with follow me tool is the fastest in my opinion. I’ll try to do it and will send a video if someone hasn’t done it by then yet.

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No, I would do the same as you.

Are you still on SU 2019 ? (if not, please update your profile - I’m uploading a SU23 file, if needed I can upload a SU19 )

here is the file for the before / after.
cheminee.skp (238,2 Ko)

I made it without scale, just on the photo, but the idea is the same with a correctly scaled profile :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic! Thanks so much. Greatly appreciate your assistance!

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the alternative, as Francisco said, is to start from a big volume, trace the bit you need to remove on it, and do a “removing” follow me instead.

it’s pretty much the same quantity of work.

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Thank you so much for your video and assistance. Greatly appreciate it!