FollowMe issue with complex path

Hi all,

I am trying to use Follow Me to reproduce the edge of a XVIIth century mantlepiece. The shape does not look that complex, but it seems to be a challenge with Follow Me.

Attached, a couple of images for you to understand the issue:

  • 2: After Follow Me

  • 3: The issue
    > Marked in red: What Follow Me has done
    > Marked in Yellow: What I would like to do…

Many thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Try moving the section relative to the path before follow-me.

@aheraud, red has long start and end segments extending from the radial corner.
Create a path including shorter segments before and after the 1/4 circle. And of course a larger radius (almost like the yellow one) to match the desired corner. Then apply ‘Follow Me’ to the entire path.

You could also try the Dave Method: Make the profile and path a component. Copy it and scale the copy up 100 or 1000x.

SketchUp is struggling to make a clean miter across the short edges next to the arc. It produces a long segment at the inside top of the molding to accommodate the short segment at the outside of the bottom. Scaling up won’t help with this, it’s inherent to the follow-me algorithm SketchUp uses. You may have to do something like generate the extrusion in three (or maybe five) pieces and intersect them to get what you want.

There is an old plugin (not extension) over at sketchucation that solves this, that is, it produces solids for planar paths where followme fails.

A typical example can be seen below.

Here is the link to the Sketchucation thread: Followfy

Here is the plugin as a single file. Select all your geometry (profile + path) and paste the entire content of the rb file into your console. Press enter. The script does not handle loops.

CAUL_Followfy_0.2.rb (11.2 KB)

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Maybe "profile builde"r?


Hi Tweenulzeven,
Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I’ve tried it from the inside path, but it created issues on the outside (discontinued surface). I doesn’t look to be the solution to my issue…

I would like to stick to Sketchup basics, an avoid using plugins for the sake of learning. But Thanks for your suggestions which look fine indeed.

The solution I have tried looks to work:
I have created 2 solids. 1 extruded using Follow Me, with the segmented line (no curve). 1 other with the curve only (I have created a o-ring solid). I have used the Solid features “Divide”, deleted the non desired pieces, and “Joined” the rest. And as a result, I have it overall :slight_smile:

I’ve tried it with basic shapes, as it seems that my target form is a little bit too complex. So I’ll try it with a scale of 100 as suggested by Davidheim1.