HELP unexpected file format

hi I need desperate help!!! I keep getting this file error. “Unexpected File Format” Can any one help!!!??
Ive provided a link to the file on mediashare.
Please help this is due today.

Do you have any other backups? It’s unlikely it can be recovered unless one of the SketchUp team can come along and help. @bugra @SketchUp_Moderator

I was looking for back up files and all I have are TMP files.

Hello @cdwallace,

I downloaded your file from the Mediafire file sharing site and unfortunately I also received the unexpected file format message.

Sorry that I can’t help.

First, make a few copies of your SU file and save elsewhere.

Assuming SU auto backup turned off - correct?

Is file history turned on in Windows?

If so, go to file properties / previous versions if you haven’t checked there. (check for other issues in file properties).

Just an experiment - try opening in older versions of SU?