[urgent] Unexpected file format! please help!

Please could someone help me to recover this file, the unexpected file format error happened when my computer had a crash.

I’m using SketchUp pro 2022, but because my company restricts to install other version so I cannot try using sketchup2023 method.

@colin @DaveR can you help fixed my file please? because this file is very important

  1. fix your profile, your os is not 2022
    I assume you’ve looked around the forum long enough to identify Colin and Dave, then you should have identified that as well.

  2. now the file… it opens OK in sketchup 2024
    Capture d’écran 2024-06-08 à 12.03.36

a component has a problematic definition, it has been deleted on launch in SU24.

Capture d’écran 2024-06-08 à 12.05.05
also, lots of things to purge.

also, your project is this

you might benefit from deleting some of the extra bits on the right. also, right now your actual project is 3,3km away from origin. or 3 000 000mm

I moved it closer to the origin, SU prefers it.

clean version moved to the origin

clean version NOT MOVED to the origin. If you need to import other things, it could mess up the placement.

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I added a second link with an unmoved masterplan.

sure, Sketchup doens’t like to work 3km away from origin, but I get that you’re importing stuff from other softwares, and moving it might make future imports harder.

edit : also, it’s saturday. take the weekend off :upside_down_face:

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  1. thank you! I just briefly surf for the solution for about 10 mins so all I know is their name. so how can I check my OS because I don’t know much about the software
  2. yes I still have to work on Saturday, I almost cry haha, but thanks to your help!
    Have a nice weekend! I really appreciate!

os is short for operating system.

mac os, windows… that sort of operating systems. here in this specific case, it doesn’t matter, but it can, some things are different between the platforms, some things are different between versions of an OS…

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