Help tracing a sphere portion?

awesome! thanks :slight_smile: I realized that for my last few questions I could have just googled it, but you guys have been so helpful and quick to respond that you lulled me into jumping right back here haha. Thank you all!

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Happy to help, @seanstephensen!

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hmmm, I made my bell curve shape, but it’s not letting me use follow me :confused: what am I missing? I also tried grouping the curve with no luck

Try turning on View->Hidden Geometry. I think SketchUp is confused about what you are trying to extrude (this might be a bug).

Your box corner is screwing up the Follow Me operation. Try separating the box corner from the rest.

Dave, are you sure?

It isn’t helping anyway.

Same model, just toggling hidden geometry:

yea, I’m still not having much luck :frowning:

I created the face within the curve using the “from contours” tool in sandbox. Oddly, it would not complete the face at the very peak, leaving me to connect it with a line which is messing with things I think. furthermore, when I use hidden geometry, it lets me extrude, but it only extrudes a small portion of the curve face (a section of the triangles that sandbox used to fill the face). is there a better way to just fill this curved face in?

Why not draw the face using simpler tools, such as the arc tool?

I drew it with the 2 point arc tool to begin with, but it did not automatically fill in the face :confused:

Got to watch for that tangent at vertex inference.

Got it!!! :smile:

oooone last question (for real this time, everything else lines up, so after this it’s off to the printer!). how can I round these currently sharp corners? I want them rounded within the triangles I have measured out. I can’t figure out what process I might use with follow me to get a 3 point corner rounded :confused: