Help, someone help me please

I am having problems installing skech, when I run the file to reinstall, an error message appears saying that it is already installed on my computer. But I already deleted the program and the “visual” files that are in the control panel, someone help me please.

How did you delete the program?


What program did you delete?

I don’t currently use Windows on my computer. But when I did the proper method for removing a program from the Windows OS was to use the add/remove program option. I think this might have changed in more recent version of Windows… and now such things happen in the Programs and Features panel located within the Control Panel.

So while you do mention the control panel in your post… and that certainly suggests that you might have uninstalled the program files correctly… We’re still left with the other interpretation that maybe you simply just deleted them, in the normal fashion (e.g. placing them in the Trash Can)… which would be a problem—if that’s what you did.

… Which is why I’m asking the above questions.

The message box info, is an attempt to get Windows to download and repair the file vc_redist.x64.exe from the visual studio download center.

This has something to do with some sort of redistributable runtime components that SkecthUp will need, before is can run reliably.

If these are a requirement… then I guess you’ll need to go forward and install them—or Repair them (as it’s being referred to here).

And here stands the next Question.

Did you click on the Repair button? and let Windows proceed with it’s request to download these support files?

I can’t tell from your post what path you took here. All you did was provide a screen shot of the message box info, that is basically asking you for your permission to install the vc_redist.x64.exe files.

These don’t normally go bad on their own… BUT, they might have been messed up if a program was uninstalled incorrectly, or if an update did something to break them.

Outside of that the only other option that I can think of, which could come into play, is that you never had them installed in the first place… And that would be strange if you already had SketchUp installed and running on your computer in the past.

Anyhow, There are others on this forum that know more about SketchUp and Windows than me… my Window days go back to Win 7 if we are to talk about what I have firsthand experience with.

I think it would be good if you could answer the 3 questions I raised here… and maybe expand a little bit on where things currently stand.

Try navigating here:
Delete all those files.