Help Sketchup Pro keeps crashing & long wait to restart!

Hi everyone, advice needed please!
Sketchup pro 2020 seems to crash a fair bit & it takes forever to reload! Is there a way to overcome this? Attached is the Mac I am using.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Are you getting BugSplats and submitting them with identifying info so the developers can get back to you? There are some strange situations with some models from the 3DWarehouse that can cause crashes, so if you have downloaded components from there you could try erasing their instances in the model and then purging unused via Entity Info->statistics. There is also a possibility that a misbehaving extension is causing the crashes. The developers may not be able to identify which one, but they can tell you if it looks like an extension is to blame.

After a crash, SketchUp tries to reload the same model as was open at the time of the crash. If that model is very complex, it will cause a slow restart. Also, having a large number of extensions installed and active will slow down the start.