Help sketchup 2017 dimension and 2018 problem

can anyone help to fix this?
i already try how to fix this by doing update selected dimension in sketchup.but still like that and sketchup always crash.

and already try dimension plugin. but the dimension still like that. i really need this dimension for my project.

has it always done that? Or is this something new?

Update your Graphic card driver.

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ok try to update graphic card.still downloading.

already update my graphic card. but the dimension still the same. may be i need to change graphic card or anyways i can tune the setting of my graphic card?

Your screenshot makes me wonder if you have your display set to 16-bit colour. Sketchup has always wanted a “full colour” setting. Problems with transparency might be pointing in the same direction.

I have had laptops switching unnecessarily to 16-bit mode when connecting to docks or external monitors.

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Thanks Anssi, you solve my problem, my display card only 16bit and i change to 32 bit. it works !!! Awesome…

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