Help please with stone setts for landscaping?

I have been trying to use Sketchup for a landscaping project. Some paving I have added is in a circle. But when I try adding an edging to it around the perimeter (around a 100mm edge). I then use one of the stone textures to add the colour which just fills in the area. But does anyone know how I can make it so it has individual stone cobbles around the perimeter instead?
Like for example, when you have a patio and it has a stone cobble edging all the way around? (If that makes any sense).

You could use DaveR’s response and find a circular texture. Another option to consider is to just take one cobble and use the ‘polar array’ function to copy it around your paving circle. See example below. FYI - I made my cobble a component so if I edit one, they all change. I also gave it a slight thickness so that it didn’t ‘z-fight’ or show the grass texture from below through the cobble texture.
pavers circle

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Thankyou very much for your help. At this stage I am a novice at Sketchup. I have just tried looking for circular textures in the 3d warehouse, I can’t find any.
Is there a website out there where you can download textures and import them into Sketchup? try this site. Also, if you’re new to learning SketchUp, check out this video for more info on arrays on our SketchUp Campus -


Thankyou very much. I will take a look :smiley: