Help, colour merging?

Firstly I run a landscaping company (driveways, garden design, schools etc) is sketch up pro the best as the choices in colour (block choices, plants, fencing, brickwork etc) is not very extensive, can I buy more?
secondly I have created a drawing but two objects will be filled in with colour although don’t seem to be connected?? I’ve been using this for a while now and see myself knowing enough for these types of things not to happen gggrrrrr

Could you add an image or two to help explain what you are having problems with. You description is somewhat ambiguous

First, since you would be using SketchUp for your landscaping company, you must use the pro version. The free version is not for commercial use.

You can add materials to SketchUp. You will find some in the 3D Warehouse. You can also make your own from images.

As for the two objects, I’m not clear about what you’re describing. Can you share the SKP file or at least a screen shot?

In response to the first part of your question, yes additional textures and colors can be added to SketchUp. You can create your own by following the steps in the “Creating your own materials” section in this link. It’s the last section on the page.

As an example I created a texture of your post.

As for the second part of your question, to answer I need more information. can you post your model or a few screenshots of it?

Oddles of textures for starters, including extensions like 3D tree maker and downloadable, low-poly, textured, 2.5d components. Almost sounds like an issue with applying a projected texture, but as advised, need more info.

Everybody has different material needs and even texture resolution requirements. So its on the user to get and manage their material collections.