Seeking Help: Motorway Entrance Model Not Color-Fillable

Hello Forum Members,

I’m encountering an issue with my own model, specifically with the motorway entrance part. For some reason, it’s not behaving as a color-fillable object.
The motorway entrance section of my model is not allowing color filling, and I’m puzzled as to why.

Has anyone faced a similar issue with certain parts of their models not being color-fillable in your experience with modeling? Are there specific considerations or settings I might be overlooking that could affect the color-fill functionality?

Your insights and guidance will be immensely helpful in resolving this matter. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Probably you have objects that aren’t solids, can you share the file to check what’s causing the problem?

What version of sketchup are you using? There’s no free plan version 9 and what gpu is segfeg?

Also it’s not a feature request post or layout issue. I changed to sketchup.

There are two methods to apply a material (color or texture) to a surface or face, both using the native Paint tool:

  • Open the object for editing (if it is a component or group) and use the Paint tool to apply the material directly to one or more faces or surfaces. A material applied in this manner takes priority over the next method.
  • With the component or group closed, apply the material to the entire component or group. If I recall correctly, this method will only produce a visible result if the faces or surfaces within the component or group do not have a material applied directly to them.

If you can, post your model here so that someone can look at it and give a precise answer.

However, Tom’s answer is the most logical one in the absence of a model.

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